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This is based on how well each system predicted OPS last year. (LINK)

The 3rd place system, Oliver, is available to THT subscribers.  Why would anyone pay money for projections that were less accurate last year than what you can get on this site for free?  Well, I actually have an answer for you, and I do recomment buying them. 

One is the player comments.  They were not written by a small staff of writers who may or may not even watch all the teams they were assigned, they were written by 30 bloggers who follow the teams.  And they will be updated as the 2010 season unfolds.

Another reason is the number of players projected - I've only got 2500-3000 players who at least played in AA last year.  Oliver has players from the low minors, and even uses college stats in the projections.

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JRM said...
For 2010, note that PECOTA's having serious, serious problems. The last update is pumping out even weirder numbers than before; the listed "weighted mean" projections for some of the Indians' hitters are below their 20th percentile projection. Yikes.
March 10, 2010 06:20:28
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