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I talked with Ben Shpigel from New York Times today, about projecting the careers of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.  Here's the link.  Jeter is a year and a half away from 3000 hits.  After that, he will probably climb to the mid 3000's, but is almost no chance to threaten Pete Rose's mark.  Jeter would probably have to play till he's a 45 year old 1B/DH slugging .310, and I don't think the Yankees would ever allow that.

A-Rod is in line for some incredible numbers.  He's got 8 years on his contract so the opportunity will be there.  If he shows up and stays reasonably healthy he's going to break the homerun and RBI records.  The only way he doesn't is if he walks away from the money (yeah, right, like Boras would ever allow that) or suffers a Griffey-like rash of injuries.

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pronk said...
Sean, Now that most of the free agents have signed, any chance you're going to put up a new projection spreadsheet in the near future? Thank you for all the hard work you put into your site.
February 25, 2010 08:44:55
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