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Miguel Tejada


I like this move, mostly because Tejada was one of my favorites while he was with the team.  He comes back at a reasonable price and one year deal, so Josh Bell or Brandon Snyder are not blocked if they are ready in a year.  The Oriole lineup is looking decent right now.  I'm not sold on Garrett Atkins at first base, since he was horrible last season.  There's a chance he can bounce back a bit, but I've got him projected as an average hitter and you'd like more than that at first base.  I wish they had signed Russ Branyan instead, I doubt he'll command any more money than Atkins did.  Another option would be to move Nolan Reimold to first, doing so would open up left field for Felix Pie, a much better defender, and by the projections no worse a hitter than Atkins.  Tejada is projected at -2 runs defensively at third, that's just a guess based on average position conversions and a guy who's become a below average SS due to age.  Tejada seems like the kind of player (quick reactions, great arm, not much foot speed) who would take to third base well. 

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Sean said...
My bad. For some reason I found Cook on the Phillies. I think there might be another Aaron Cook who signed a minor league deal with the Phillies, and I mistakenly moved the good Cook over there. He's back where he belongs now.
January 31, 2010 12:28:16
James Holzhauer said...
Why no projection for Aaron Cook?
January 29, 2010 05:08:43
Sean said...
For pitchers replacement + position adjustment is set so that the average hitting pitcher is exactly replacement level.
January 28, 2010 08:06:56
mb21 said...
I'm sorry to hijack a thread, but I wanted to ask something I've been wondering about for awhile and since you mentioned it on The Book Blog yesterday, I thought I'd ask you right here. Pitchers positional adjustments for batting. What are they and how do you calculate it for someone like Zambrano? The basic WAR formula gives me 6.0 WAR for Zambrano over his career and you have 4.4. The difference seems to be the positional adjustment, but I've never read anything on how to add that in. I should add that to get the 6 WAR i used the average wOBA for NL pitchers from 2006-2009. Perhaps there is some difference in the number I got from using an average, but probably not that much. Thanks. If you'd prefer to email me, you can contact me at mb21(at)anothercubsblog(dot)org
January 26, 2010 07:24:30
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